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Graphical display of Transformer Health Check-up analysis information on various technical parameters useful for the Top Management and Divisional Officers.

Vital tool for Program Managers to view overall performance of transformers on key technical parameters.


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Detailed summary and analytical reports for transformer monitoring and evaluation.

Primary reporting interface for targeting, monitoring, analyzing and reporting purposes.

Summary of data entry progress and exceptional summary.

Data Entry

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Online data capture of Transformer Health check-up results from the field offices.

Provision to update the Transformer technical parameters at regular intervals.

Transformer Monitoring

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Constant monitoring of transformer health status at the division offices.

System to generate exception list of transformers requiring repairs or replacement.


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Analysis of transformer Health check-up results to facilitate top management to focus attention on preventive maintenance and ensure relaible power supply to the consumers.

TTMS Operational Manual

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Step by step operational manual to guide the data entry process at the field level.

Online guide for top management and program managers on using the TTMS system.